Ultimate Drinking Games Gift Box
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Ultimate Drinking Games Gift Box Another corker from our boys will be boys range that reminds us of that old cliché 'does what it says on the tin'. For that ultimate boys night in - the complimentary drinking games hamper - fun for all .

Round 1 - Water Wars...a blokey shootout featuring colour changing vests, no denying you’ve been shot.
Round 2 - Next drinking duel is boxing, box each other senseless with inflatable boxing gloves and helmets, the funniest boxing match you'll have ever seen.
Round 3 - Follow on with buzz off, where a steady hand is the name of the game with one false move and you're out, whether you get better or worse as the night goes on is still under debate here at our office.
Round 4 - And finally, similar to darts but only this time the 'board' is worn... on the head. 'Butt Head' involves throwing the balls at each others noggins, at least the balls are soft...phew!
All in all a fabulous games hamper for a blokey night in... they’ll love it!.

Hamper Contents:
  • Buzz Wire Game
  • Butt Head Game
  • Drinking games book
  • Water wars
  • Inflatable boxing game
  • Hamper Box

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